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What is a Meal Plan?

A Meal Plan unlocks delicious meals, coffee, snacks, and more, at all dining locations across campus. Your Meal Plan includes Meal Swipes, Meal Exchange at accepted locations, Guest Swipes (Depending on your Meal Plan selection), and Dining Dollars. All conveniently loaded onto your Fordham Student ID card. No need to carry additional cards or cash! 


Meal Swipes

Meal Swipes give you access to our all-you-care-to-enjoy dining facility, Community Dining Hall.


Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars may be used at any Fordham University Dining location. Visit our locations page for location information, including dining hall menus and hours of operation.


Meal Exchange

You may also use your Meal Swipes for predetermined meals at most campus food venues beyond our all-you-care-to-enjoy dining hall. This includes various retail locations such as Ram Cafe, Schmeltzer and SVK. 

Guest Meals

Guest Meals

Guest Meals are provided with a number of our meal plans as a means to invite friends or family to dine with you while on campus. As of Fall 2023 on the Fordham Lincoln Center Campus total guest meal swipe counts for the semester are as followed:

  • The Ram Plus Plan come with 8 guest passes 
  • The Ram Unlimited plan come with 8 guest passes 
  • The Weekly 14 plan come with 4 guest passes 
  • All Block plans do not currently offer any guest passes 

Meal Plan Benefits

Your meal plan includes many benefits and perks including: 

  • Bonuses with early sign ups. 
  • Wide variety of food options to choose from. 
  • Meal swipes, guest swipes, meal exchange and declining balance dollars preloaded onto your ID. 
  • Convenience right on the heart of campus.
  • Lower cost per meal & save on tax with each transaction.  

Managing Your Plan

There are a couple of ways you can check your Meal Swipes and Dining Dollars balance: 

  • By creating/logging into the Grubhub for mobile campus app.  
  • Request a balance check paper from any cashier and dining location. 

Dining Dollars running low? No problem! Add more Dining Dollars online.

Key Dates

Key Dates
  • Move In Day: Sunday, August 27th
  • Fall 2023 Meal Plans Begin: Sunday August 27th
  • Academic Orientation: Monday, August 28th
  • Last Day for Add/Drop Meal Plan Changes Monday: September 11th (For mandatory students)
  • Last day to make any meal plan changes for Voluntary Students: Sunday, August 27th

      *   Please note that the Fall 2023 meal plans on 8/27 will open with a dinner service Community Dining Hall starting at 4:00pm.