Meal Plans

Home Stretch Meal Plan (November 8th - December 13th)
  • Get 10 meals for $100
  • Expires December 13th

Voluntary/Commuter Students - Select your plan before 12/13/2019 and get an exclusive DB add on!  Remember meal plans can be billed to your student bursar account or paid by credit card.  Purchases are non-refundable.

  • Unlimited Plans GET $150 Bonus DB Free!
  • Block 250-200 Plans GET $75 Bonus DB Free!
  • Block 120 - 30 Plans GET $50 Bonus DB Free!

Meal plans are not just for new students — all students can take advantage of the great value and benefits of a Fordham Dining meal plan. Consider these great advantages: 

NEW FOR 2019: You are now able to bill your meal plan to your bursar student account and pay for it later!
CONVENIENCE: Cooking takes time and experience; meal plans make it easy to take food with you or dine with friends.
VARIETY: Dining on campus isn’t one size fits all. Our meal plans were designed with you in mind. If you are looking to enjoy a meal with friends or just a snack on the go— we’ve got a plan to fit every lifestyle.
MEETING YOUR NEEDS: Don’t forget our Kosher, Halal, vegan/vegetarian and allergen-free options around campus. For more information contact our dietician at



Westchester Plans