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Am I required to participate in a Fordham Meal Plan?
All students living in the following residences are required to participate in a meal plan: Alumni Court South, Faber Hall, Finlay Hall, Loschert Hall, Loyola Hall, Martyr’s Court (Goupil, Jogues, and LaLande), O’Hare Hall, Queen’s Court, and Tierney Hall on the Rose Hill campus.

All mandatory resident students will be billed $4,125 from our Default Ram Unlimited Plan through the University and DO NOT need to purchase on our dining site. You have the choice to choose between the following plans allotting meal swipes and declining cash balance to best suit your needs.

Ram Plus ($4,280): Unlimited Meal Swipes + $850 DB

Ram Unlimited ($4,125): Unlimited Meal Swipes + $650 DB (Default)

Weekly 14 ($3,670): 14 Meal Swipes per week + $500 DB

If upperclassmen, off-campus, or commuter students, are looking for smaller plan options, our Commuter Block Plans are a great solution. Commuter Block plans provide a certain number of meals that can be used throughout the academic year.

Block 150 (2,332): 150 Meal Swipes + $400 DB

Block 100 Plus ($1,749): 100 Meal Swipes + $400 DB

Block 100 ($1,580): 100 Meal Swipes + $200 DB

Block 50 ($938): 50 Meal Swipes + $300 DB

Please visit us at https://fordham.campusdish.com/RoseHill_MealPlans for a description of our meal plans and purchasing options. 

How and when can I make a change to my meal plan?

Mandatory students have an evaluation grace period of two weeks after the start of each semester to make an adjustment to their meal plan to best suit their individual needs. They can make edits/changes to their chosen plan by reaching out to the meal plan specialist Tawana Shaird (shaird@fordham.edu) with their full name, student ID number, and the new mandatory plan option they would like to select.

Please note, during the first two weeks of the semester $100.00 of Declining Balance dollars are posted to the student's account. After the two-week meal plan change window ends, the full amount of their Declining Balance Dollars will be available.

Where can I use my meal swipes at RH?
Meal swipes are accepted at The Marketplace, which is located in McShane Campus Center. You can also exchange meal swipes for a predetermined meal option with our meal exchange program at various retail locations.  

What are Declining Balance Dollars/Dining Dollars?
Declining Balance Dollars (DB), or Dining Dollars, is similar to a debit account, where one begins with a certain amount of money and deducts purchases from the balance. You can use your declining balance dollars at any of the Fordham University retail dining locations and resident dining halls. When running low, Dining Dollars can be added on anytime during the year at www.fordham.campusdish.com.

What is meal exchange and where can I use it at the Rose Hill campus?
To add even more flexibility to your meal plan at the Rose Hill campus, meal plan holders are able to use their meal plan at most campus retail locations beyond our all-you-care-to-enjoy dining halls. Exchange options vary by location and may not be substituted for any other item.

What if I don’t use all my meal swipes or Dining Dollars?

For the following meal plans: (Ram Plus, Ram Unlimited, and Weekly 14) all unused meal swipes expire at the end of each academic semester.

All block meal plans: (Block 150, Block 100 Plus, Block 100, and Block 50) are valid for the entire academic year.

Dining Dollars are carried over from the fall to the spring semester. All unused dining dollars are forfeited at the end of the academic year.

What should I do if I runout of Declining Cash Balance before the semester ends?

You may purchase additional funds to your “declining balance” account at any time during the semester by visiting the declining balance tab:


Please allow 48-72 hours hours for funds to show on your account. After 3:30PM, funds will be posted on the next business day.

Is there a fee associated with reloading Dining Dollars and is there a minimum amount I have to reload?
There is no fee to reload your Dining Dollars and no minimum.

How can I check my balance, swipes and Dining Dollars?
You can check the balance of your swipes and dining dollars during the academic school year in a few ways:

  • By creating/logging into the Grubhub for mobile campus app.
  • Request a balance check paper from any cashier and dining location.
  • Visit the meal plan office in the McShane Campus Center, open Monday-Friday 9:00AM - 3:30PM or call 718-817-4515 to speak with a dining representative.
As a returning student, when do I sign up for next year’s meal plan?

For returning Rose Hill students living in mandatory housing, meal plan selection information is included with the housing information sent out in the spring. For those living in non mandatory housing/commuters you may also purchase a meal plan on our website: Fordham.campusdish.com

For students with special dietary requirements, are you able to provide meals to meet his or her dietary needs?
Yes, our staff is happy to accommodate students with special dietary needs. If you have special dietary needs, our on-campus Registered Dietitian will meet you to discuss our menu and to accommodate special arrangements if needed. You can e-mail the Registered Dietician at ramhealth@fordham.edu.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the meal plan?
You can contact the Meal Plan Specialist Tawana Shaird via email at shaird@fordham.edu

Do meal plans come with guest passes?
The Ram Plus and Ram Unlimited plans come with 8 guest passes.
The Weekly 14 plan comes with 4 guest passes.
The Block plans come with 0 guest passes.

Can I treat my friend/family to a meal in the dining hall?
Yes, you can treat a friend or family member to a meal by using meal swipe (if you are on a block plan) or dining dollars (on any meal plan).

Is there a minimum for credit cards?